Green pepper demolition of the same flesh and blood, and other Chinese menu items

One of the delights of our recent trip to China was the food. There is so much more variety in the menu items than what you get at Australia’s Chinese restaurants.  We mostly ate at small local community restaurants rather than higher class restaurants which often tone things down to cater for western palates. Some were tiny places with only two or three tables. We tasted, or at least thought about tasting, all sorts of things such as ducks’ heads, bullfrogs, dragonflies, dishes of chicken with claws and heads poking out here and there.

Fortunately many of these restaurants had English translations on their menus. We were travelling with our son Rowan, who is fluent in Chinese, so we didn’t actually need the English. But I say ‘fortunately’ because the English translations provided us with one of the great amusements of our trip. Often it was only by Rowan reading the Chinese that we had any idea what the item actually was.  I mean, if you saw “Face Powder” on a menu, you’d never guess it was actually wheat-flour noodles, poorly translated, unless you were able to see the Chinese original.

This has been life changing. In our household sausages will always be known from now on as ‘hamburg intestinal’.

I hope to post a blog soon on some of the general highlights of our trip, but I couldn’t resist a post specifically devoted to some of the culinary delights we came across.  Here goes:

  • Fried pulled rotten son
  • Rub the surface of fish
  • Qishan smell of urine dried noodles
  • Baked you face kaolaolao
  • Stir fried pig foots with chilli (very good for skin)
  • Green pepper demolition of the same flesh and blood
  • Sauerkraut gluten
  • Handbag food
  • Mutton chops with soap
  • Japanese according to bum cuttlefish monsters
  • Flour pimple in chicken soup
  • Old Shan plasma surface
  • Face powder
  • Road rib beef pot alone
  • Hamburg intestinal
  • Old dopted mother
  • Pumpkin wowo
  • Daughter 45 degrees (drink)

Green pepper demolition

Takeaway chicken foots

Takeaway chicken foots


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